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Summary of Our Activities....

Seaboard International Energy Corporation (SIEC).........

has had over 17 years of work and experience in the energy sector.  Originally incorporated in the United States, its activities have included oil and gas sales, oil and gas servicing, and related marketing and E&P projects.  Seaboard has been a significant part of special projects, such as the rebuilding of infrastructures in certain countries in return for oilfield interests for initializing and maintaining long-term, energy project developments.  Seaboard's present and future direction is to focus on project funding and financial solutions. 



We are a private company and our roles and representations in each project we undertake remain our top priority.  Our corporation provides a top level of technically qualified services to our clients for their project funding and development needs.

Our company has talent and expertise in several specialty areas of the industry streamlining our projects and services to the ultimate professional level.

                     Seaboard International Energy Corporation, Headquarters:

                                        Corporate Offices:                                        

Seaboard International Energy Corporation
Louisiana  70555  U.S.A.

Melbourne, Australia


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                                             Oil and Gas Division
                                             Exploration and Development
                                             Mining Operations
                                             Project Funding
                                             Investment Recovery Department - Sales
                                             New Business Ventures




                                             Oil and Gas/E&P Division
                                             Mining Operations
                                             Investment Recovery Department - Purchasing






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