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Seaboard was originally started in 1993 and had spun-off from a conglomerate of Seaboard companies in Houston, Texas.  The company concentrated on sales of oil and gas equipment, primarily oil country tubular goods and drill pipe from plugged and abandoned wells offshore, onshore, and inland waters, and, then, evolved into facilitating oil and gas drilling and production projects including rebuilding the infrastructures in third world countries.

Seaboard International Energy Corporation has worked with such international groups, directly and indirectly, as:  Marathon Oil Corporation, ChevronTexaco, UNOCAL, Shell Oil, Forest Oil, The Coastal Companies, AMOCO, Dutch Gosnell, Total Minatone, Enron/Enron Trading, West Texas Gas Transmission, British Petroleum, Lukoil, Steel Trading, Tidewater Docks, Baker Hughes, SOLOCO, Newpark, Marubeni, YPFB-Bolivia, John Chance & Associates, The Clement Companies, OXY, Houston International Initiatives, Bean Resources, Apache Oil, Llano Grande Oil Corporation, TRW, Thomas Pipe & Supply, Tenneco, Valero, Weatherford Lamb, XCL, NNPC-London, Petroworld, The Diageo Companies, as well as a host of many other companies from around the world.

Our staff have had years of experience in the mining and excavation sectors of some of the world's largest mining conglomerates before coming to Seaboard.  Our experience extends to mergers and acquisitions, as well as on-hand experience from start to finish of mines for ores of various types.

 Seaboard's founders travelled worldwide and secured oil and gas projects in Bolivia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  Seaboard was privileged to have provided services toward the rebuilding of the infrastructure in Stavropol.  In the 1990's, Seaboard was a delegate each year at the World Economic Development Congress and was able to meet and discuss many business visions and trade global opportunities at the summit meetings with many celebrated government and corporate world leaders and dignitaries.  In 1998, Seaboard became the exclusive subcontractor for a private company who negotiated between certain governments around the world.  Seaboard remained the exclusive subcontractor until 2003, when Seaboard branched out to perform services for many, diverse clients, once again.  In 2003, Seaboard incorporated in Iraq, and subsequently, we've incorporated in Hungary, Australia, with offices throughout Europe.  Our company has worked on earning respect in the Middle East and values every business relationship and association.  We have concentrated on well-designed financial systems to operate our transactions in order to provide security and protection for all parties involved.  One of our larger achievements is to become a growing supplier of oil and gas supplies worldwide.

Today, our biggest challenge is succeeding with project funding and supplying the industries with the products and services from the long-term energy, commodity, and development projects funded while integrating humanitarian assistance from the international changes made for the better as these projects finalize. 

Seaboard values the integrity and loyalty of our associates and clients!





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